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  • This is Jessica (Andrea Meyerson, 81 minutes, USA) –Thursday at 7:00pm at the Art Theatre

  • Yes I Am: The Ric Weiland Story (Aaron Bear, 63 minutes, USA) – Thursday at 9:30pm at the Art Theatre

  • Rebel Dykes (Harri Shanahan & Sian A. Williams, 92 minutes, UK) – Friday at 7:15pm at the Art Theatre

  • No Ordinary Man (Aisling Chin-Yee & Chase Joynt, 84 minutes, USA) – Friday at 9:30pm at the Art Theatre

  • Summertime (Carlos Lopez Estrada, 91 minutes, USA - Universal) – Friday at 9:15 pm Men & Friends’ Night @ MOLAA

  • My First Summer (Katie Found, 78 minutes, Australia) – Saturday at 11:00am at the Art Theatre

  • Can You Bring It: Bill T. Jones (Tom Hurwitz & Rosalynde LeBlanc, 94 minutes) – Saturday at 6:30pm at the Art Theatre

  • Fanny: The Right to Rock (Bobbi Jo Hart, 96 minutes, USA - Women's) Saturday at 9:15pm at Women & Friends’ Night @ MOLAA

  • 1:15pm: Marry Me, However (Mordechai Vardi, 64 minutes, Israel) - Sunday at 1:15pm at the Art Theatre

  • Forgotten Roads (Nicol Ruiz, 72 minutes, Chile) Sunday at 5:30pm at the Art Theatre

  • Jump, Darling (Phil Connell, 90 minutes, Canada) – Sunday at 7:45pm at the Art Theatre

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