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Women In Shorts

(92 minutes - Women's) 

Are You Still Watching? (Tali Polichtuk, Alex Cardy, & Kitty Chrystal, 7 minutes, Australia) 

Lilies (Joni Renee Whitworth, 9 minutes, USA) 

Aimee Victoria (Chyrstee Pharris, 11 minutes, USA) 

Skumjas (Yassin Koptan, 12 minutes, Egypt) 

Eleven Weeks (Julie Caskey & Anna Kuperberg, 15 minutes, USA) 

Roadkill (Aliza Brugger, 16 minutes, USA) 

The Wash (In Love) (Ibon Hernando, 9 minutes, Spain) 

 Sunday’s Child (Maisie Richardson-Sellers, 13 minutes, USA)

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