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Locally Sourced: California Shorts

(Mixed - 79 minutes) 

The Parlor with Jeff + Cosgrove (Daniel Maggio, 6 minutes, USA - Men's) 

The Crown With A Shadow (JB Ghuman Jr., 11 minutes, USA) 

The Lights Are On, No One Is Home (Faye Ruiz, 11 minutes, USA) 

My Neighbor Miguel (Danny Navarro, 14 minutes, USA) 

Bayanihan & Resilience (Jocelyn Tabancay Duffy, 5 minutes, USA) 

1701 : A Blerd Story (Matt Jennings, 7 minutes, USA) 

Beakman & Jok (Kolmel W. Love & Lex Sloan, 25 minutes, USA)

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